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February 24, 2004

Banning Foie Gras

Listening to Marketplace on the way home tonight, I heard a report by Molly Peterson on foie gras. I was glad to hear that many restaurants have stopped serving it, and that legislation has been proposed in California to outlaw the sale and production of foie gras. But having once tasted foie gras, I was struck by Peterson’s description of the stuff. "Chefs and foodies rhapsodize about its velvety mouth feel..." When I tried foie gras, I knew I had experienced that "velvety mouth feel" before somewhere--peanut butter. It doesn’t taste the same, of course, but foie gras and peanut butter have exactly the same texture. Now think about this. If you were served the organ of an animal that had been reduced to the texture of peanut butter, can you imagine the conditions this animal must have endured to cause this?

February 20, 2004

Managing Mere Cat with CVS

Now that the redesign of mere cat is mostly finished, I’m looking for other projects to complicate my life. One thing I’ve wanted to do for a long time is use CVS to manage the changes to my site. Recently, I found what looks to be an excellent introduction to using CVS to manage a web site at Daemon News. There are three articles by Nik Clayton called "Managing web sites using Unix," Part One (CVS), Part Two (make), and Part Three.

PAW Progress

I’ve pretty much given up on my PAW (Picture-a-Week project) for 2003, but 2004 has gotten off to a good start with four pictures already. So I’m only three pictures behind.