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Cats on a Plane

Yesterday I was talking to a colleague at work who was thinking about bringing some cats into a pet-less household. (This was not his idea.) He seemed game, but I could see the abject terror in his eyes.

Later that day in the same vein, I had an original idea—or so I thought: Cats on a Plane. Can’t you just see it? Hilarity and horror automatically ensue.

Well, a couple of months ago, someone reached into the future and stole my idea. That’s what I get for leaving my tinfoil hat at home (cf. Captain Retcon). “Cats on a Plane” is in the can and has already been enjoyed by millions.

‘Cats on a Plane’ is a short film created for the 48 Hour Film Festival in San Diego. We were given Disaster Film as our genre. Upon realizing that we had a plane set to shoot on and four cats in our writers’ backyard, the film we needed to make became obvious. With the Emmy winnning [sic] special effects team Helix helming production and Bliss Productions’ multi-award winning experience with 48 Hour Film projects, we created something timely, unique, and hopefully very entertaining in two days.

Our given restrictions:
Genre: Disaster
Line of Dialog: “What would Elvis do?”
Character Name/Occupation: Sally Brown / Event Planner
Prop: Beach Towel

It stars Sweet Pea, Butch, and Squeaker, terrifying names if ever I heard one. I dare you to watch this without covering your eyes. Cats on a Plane.

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