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I came to fostering after my beloved Maine Coon, Woody, died suddenly on March 11, 2001. When I began to feel that my grief was coming under control, I entertained thoughts of getting another cat. Although I got Woody from a breeder, I had decided long ago that when Woody died, I wouldn't consider getting another purebred Maine Coon from a breeder. I felt that if I did, I might in effect be signing the death warrant of some poor shelter cat. I felt certain that all the purebred cats would find good homes, but that many shelter cats were not so fortunate.

I didn't feel ready for another cat yet, but I missed having cats in my life, so I decided to open my home to foster cats (especially Maine Coons!) who needed a temporary home.

Previous (deceased): Sidney
Previous (adopted): Hunter
Previous (adopted): Tigger