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Hug Your Cats (and Dogs)

Dan Rubin’s first post after returning from vacation was a beautiful and moving tribute to his Bouvier des Flandres, Twinkle. Maybe a little too moving, but hey I am a softy when it comes to pets. My deepest condolences to Dan and family.

Closer to me and to the feline inspiration of this place, two notable cats passed recently. Jim’s Bingo was well into his teens, but still way too young. My friend Keith’s Alf was almost 20. Too much sad news for one week.


One of my cats passed away last week also. Cancer. This time last year we had seven cats. Now we have five.

I am so sorry to hear that. It has been an awful week.

thanks. still a big hole in this house.

Thanks for pointing the article out, it was touching. Now I need to squish my kittie in adoration and attention

My deepest condolence to Dan n family as well. i can understand how it feels coz i had gone thru the same experience. Funny many could not see the bond between a human n animal can be strongly forged. My reply to them is that, 'Never segregate animals and humans. We are both living things created by God. Treat them with respect and others will.'

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