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Obama Prefers Shelter Dogs—A Nation Rejoices

Well, maybe not a nation, but me at least.

When I heard that the Obama daughters were promised a puppy, I was concerned that their acquisition would spark a craze for whatever breed they chose, putting pressure on breeders to meet demand. Wouldn’t it be great if they got a shelter or rescue dog? What a good example that would set. I was amazed to learn that that was indeed the plan when Obama announced at a press conference that “our preference would be to get a shelter dog.” Wow. As long as they can find a hypo-allergenic dog (pure-bred or not), it sounds like they were willing to wait until one became available at a shelter. Admirable and impressive, especially considering the deferred gratification for doing (what I consider) the right thing.


So awesome that the guy isn't even in office yet and that he and his family are setting amazing examples for the country. I love it!

I was very happy to hear it, too. We got our dog from a shelter, and he's changed our lives.

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