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Comment Spam

Albert flagged a comment on the previous post as comment spam. True, it was spam in that it wasn’t a legitimate comment, but on the other hand it was spam for a Philly blog, so what the heck... it stays.

The real comment spam I get (the vast majority of which are variations on “cheap meds”) is siphoned off automatically. The daily total is all over the place, but averages around 40. Here’s the weird thing. I have another currently-dormant domain that contains nothing but a stock install of Movable Type 3.2 that I installed late last year. There’s one post with comments and trackbacks wide open. I just checked and that blog has not received a single comment or trackback spam in eight months. Where is the love?


Yup, good ole "Drama Queen" has been busy with the spam. I got hit too. Of course, his site is actually sort of entertaining, anybody who suggests Pat Burrell as player/manager of the Phillies has my attention. (OK, I didn't say it was a good idea, just an interesting one).

DQ hit me - after a post where I go on & on about being not-quite-a-sports-fan. Yikes - he may be a good writer of post but not so much a reader of them.

A Google search reveals just how many blogs he spammed—almost a hundred. At least I only got hit once. Clearly I would never visit his site on principle, not to mention the fact that I have virtually no interest in the Phillies, although I was an admirer of Wade Bloggs’ Phreakin Phils. Ellen, “DQ” made me think of Dairy Queen.

Aiigh - NOW I'm thinking of Dairy Queen.

Blizzard - mmmmmmm!

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