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The Lighter Side of Music

I enjoyed John Gruber's take on the new Dell Ditty (“Rhymes with Ditty”). He was struck by how much it looks like a Bic lighter. It really does! It would be really cool if it were a lighter (it's already an MP3 player and an FM radio). I mean, why not? You couldn't do that with an iPod. Of course, some restrictions would apply. It could only play “lighter” music. You know, stuff by the Flaming Groovies or James Brown and the Fantastic Flames, or songs like Fire, The Heat is On, Hot Stuff, Smoke on the Water, Light My Fire... I'll bet you could easily fill this thing up with lighter music (it only holds 220 songs). Not that I'm planning to get a Ditty. After all, it looks too much like a lighter, and I don't smoke. What would people think?

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