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Leopard Delayed Till October: A Nation Yawns

This is me in “full freakout mode” reacting to the news that Leopard will be delayed until October.

::brownian motion::

One question. Will we be seeing 10.4.10 (and beyond) before Leopard flips the odometer to 10.5.0? Reason I’m asking is some folks think there are no numbers higher than 9. I am not one of them. Bring on 10.4.9999!

Clearly, the iPhone (the reason cited for the delay) is a more significant product for Apple than another rev of OS X. And is Tiger really so bad? I mean, c’mon! While Microsoft’s marketing subtext has always seemed to be ‘Yeah, we know Windows <current version> kinda sucks, but just wait until you see Windows <latest version>,’ I just don’t feel deeply dissatisfied with Tiger.

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