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I’m a Dopter

When it comes to operating system upgrades, I’m definitely not an “early adopter.” For example, Apple’s latest operating system (Tiger) was released over a week ago and boasts “over 200 new features,” yet somehow I have been able to restrain myself from ordering it. Somehow? It was easy. I guess that makes me just a plain old dopter.

Don’t get me wrong—I want the latest and greatest... eventually. I’m just not that excited by any of those features, and frankly, I’m trying to postpone the inevtable letdown. Every release of OS X has been a disappointment in some significant way, and I’m sure Tiger will be no exception. My ambivalence about Tiger notwithstanding, I was feeling some small pressure from Anne who was clearly suffering from an anxiety disorder I diagnosed as “widget fever.” There’s only one cure for that, you know, so we finally ordered ourselves the Family Pack, although it won’t arrive until the middle of May. I’m confident that the first update will be released sometime this month, so I am planning to wait until then to install Tiger. It’s what us dopters do.

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