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Bridgewater’s Pub Hot Lobster Roll

Stop the presses—hot lobster roll action in Philly. Tonight I was planning to check out Sláinte Pub (I know, I know, yet another Irish pub. I’m Irish, OK?), New Deck Tavern’s little sister. I had to walk right past Bridgewater’s Pub, however, which has a long history of offering lobster-inspired sandwiches from time to time. Naturally I scanned the menu (which changes often), and my eyes bugged out when I spotted the hot lobster roll. Lobster rolls trump Irish pubs every time.

I sat at one of the high-top tables instead of the bar for once and perused the short but thoughtful, eclectic, and ever-changing beer list. During the course of my meal I tried the two seasonals, Spaten’s Holiday Bock and Corsendonk’s Christmas Ale. I preferred the Spaten; the Corsendonk was really doing that Belgian thing which I’m not sure about yet. Maybe when I get a little older...

The hot lobster roll was described thus: "butter, garlic, celery, vanilla." Vanilla? Anyway, what arrived were two tiny hamburger rolls (echoing the late, lamented lobster roll sliders of yore). The inside of the rolls were grilled, and the lobster was indeed hot and generously covered in butter. I immediately noticed alarmingly large chunks of celery, but it was sauteed and tender and blended perfectly. The rolls tasted mostly of butter then lobster; the garlic was a nice seasoning, and I could not detect the vanilla’s contribution. Overall, a success, although not as sublime as the sliders. The rolls are really appetizer-sized (although the French fries helped fill me up), but don’t order this if you’re really hungry. Instead you might consider choosing one of the tempting dishes I passed up: “Three Little Blue Pigs” (wild boar meatballs, rosemary Gorgonzola sauce); “Silver Dollar” burgers (boursin cheese and smoked bacon); Blackened Redfish sandwich; Caribbean Fish & Chips. I mean, really. I love lobster, but it was a tough decision.

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