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Connecticut Lobster-Roll Page Updated [nanoblog]

I finished updating the Connecticut lobster-roll page with reviews of places I visited on a road trip in May: Sea Swirl and Ten Clams in Mystic, Abbott’s in Noank, Johnny Ad’s in Old Saybrook, Hank’s Diary Bar in Plainfield, and a quality-control visit to an old favorite, the Cove Fish Market in Mystic. I added a few more places in New York City to the Lobster Roll Finder as well. Of local interest is the news from one of my spies who reports that Bridgewater’s Pub has already cut the lobster roll sliders from the menu. It’s a shame; I’m glad I had a chance to try them.


It's a minor thing, but Chick's in West Haven, Conn., is on Beach Street, not Captain Thomas Boulevard. Jimmies is on Captain Thomas which is almost an extension of Beach Street, but not quite. When you're in West Haven, also try Turk's (Captain Thomas) and Stowe's (corner of Beach and Washington Avenue, which is where Beach ends and Captain Thomas, after a half-block jog, begins).

Try the Lobster Rolls at Denmo's in Southbury CT and Frankies in Waterbury. You only are listing coastal places, but we inlanders have them too!

Corky, You are right, I do favor the coastline, but I pass near Southbury/Waterbury on my way to Maine, so I will definitely check them out. Thanks for the recommendations!

Without a doubt the best lobster roll (wait till you try the bread) of yeah and BBQ Ribs in the state is at The Lazy Lobster in Milford... You can eat on the pation or right on the he sand. Abbots may have a view but Lazy Lobster has the food.

Smithy, Sounds awesome. I added them to my list. Thanks!