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Hard Core Lobster Roll Junkie [nanoblog]

While doing some lobster roll “research,” I ran across this rather elaborate video produced in early 2008 for Sam’s Chowder House documenting a lobster-roll addict as he hits rock bottom. This guy’s got it way worse than I do, and unlike him, I don’t need no steenkin’ intervention—I can quit any time I want.


Great page-- the lobster roll deserves this much detailed and loving attention.

Please consider trying some lobster rolls from your neighbour just to the north! They're just a popular in Nova Scotia and the other Maritime provinces.

My own favourite is at the Wreck Cove General Store , on the Cabot trail, Cape Breton island.

Sadly, I have never been farther north than Bar Harbor. My loss, I admit. Someday, I hope. Thanks for the recommendation!