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Tony and Me

Who knew I had anything in common with Tony Soprano? I just learned that once out of his coma, he said to Carmella: “The lobster roll... Pearl Oyster Bar.” (via The Amateur Gourmet) It just goes to show how a near-death experience can help you get your priorities in order.

Which reminds me... It is Spring (despite that snow squall yesterday) and lobster roll season is nigh. Or near. Or just around the corner. Anyway, I am finally putting up the reviews from last year’s lobster-roll expedition. The first batch includes these five in southern Maine: Ogunquit Lobster Pound, Bob’s Clam Hut, York’s Best, Maine Diner, and Mabel’s Lobster Claw. Out of that batch, the Maine Diner emerged as the best. Most reviews feature full-frontal lobster-roll action in full color.

Speaking of buns, tonight we had hot dogs for dinner. We don’t always eat so “gourmette” (that’s French, you know), but we thought we’d kick things up a notch. What made them extra-special are the top-split rolls we brought back from Maine. We picked up three bags at a supermarket in Kittery and put them in the freezer. Sadly, they are almost gone. I'm looking forward to replenishing our supply sometime this summer.

Top-split rolls


here in the south(knoxville, tn)we once had new england style top split buns. they have disappeared but as a substitute, i use two of the bar-b-q buns produced by the flowers foods bakeries and distributed by the merita bakery here. you can trim them down a bit if you feel there is to much bun. just buy packs that seem to have properly proportioned buns in them.

Larry, I'm closer to New England, and they are rare around here (Philadelphia). We also trim the regular kind so we can get flat sides we can grill. Works well enough. Any lobster rolls in Knoxville? The closest I know of is in Charlotte, NC.

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