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Half-Hearted Diet Progress

I started a half-hearted diet back in October and, although it’s going slowly, it is working. I have lost 10 pounds. I know, I know, on a real diet you could probably lose that much in a week. Still, it is satisfying and 10 pounds is about half my goal. At my goal weight of 145, I would still be 10 pounds over my twenty-something weight, but I think I can live with that. It will probably be much more difficult to lose the next 10; I have already noticed that the rate of lossage is decreasing. Maybe I should, like, um, exercise or something.


Nah-- "real diets" shouldn't promise quick weight loss, since you're more likely to regain the weight. A good diet should have slow progress, since it should acclimate your body to the change and make it stick.

In any case, good for you! Exercise is good too.

Tony, I'm trying that too. Down 5 lbs so far but 5 is not as solid of a success as 10 -- mine could just be water loss or something.
My goal is to drop 20 also.
Do you think I should cut back on the beer?

Good luck to you.

That’s a great start—congratulations! You might have to cut back on beer a little if you think beer contributes a significant number of calories to your diet. But to me, a calorie is a calorie whether it comes from beer or something else. I don't drink much, so I haven't had to give any up yet. Here's a story: Last week, I weighed 155 one morning, ate an entire tube of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, had a hamburger and beer for dinner, and the next day weighed 154. When I told the guy I bought the cookies from that I had lost a pound on the “Girl Scout cookie diet,” he told me I should have had two rolls! The point is that I don't think what you do on any single day has any effect on your weight. It's the day-in day-out balance between the calories you eat vs what your body burns. If you eat fewer calories than you need, you lose weight. I found that if I eat when I'm actually hungry and not just when the clock says it’s time, I easily cut out a lot of calories without the hunger pangs that can ruin a diet.

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