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Philly Beer Week 2009: Ithaca Beer at Teresa’s

Since “discovering” Ithaca Beer at the 2008 Craft Beer Festival, I had been waiting for them to be distributed in southeastern Pennsylvania, which happened sometime last summer. The first sign I noticed was that McGillin’s began serving Apricot Wheat in early August. Not long after our local distributor, Hatboro Beverage, started carrying them, and we picked up the Variety Pack. I have had only four of their beers, however, so I was looking forward to sampling their other efforts.

Ithaca was well-represented during Beer Week. Tuesday’s schedule showed that Ithaca was holding events at three locations: the Foodery, Misconduct Tavern, and Teresa’s Next Door. Decisions, decisions. Ultimately, I chose Teresa’s if for no other reason than its proximity. I felt quite inconspicuous from my perch at the end of the bar and ordered the flight of all four featured Ithaca brews along with some food to wash it down.

Tart, tangy and sweet all at once. Fruit-juicy delicious. I am definitely acquiring a taste for the sours.
Keller Pils
Crisp and dry, more hoppy than bitter.
Bourbon Ten
A huge, sippin’ beer. Reminded me more of a sherry than a whiskey.
Flower Power
I need to try this again, because while it tasted fine, I actually couldn’t decide where to place in the continuum of IPAs. You know what this means, don’t you? More data is needed!

I am more enthusiastic about Ithaca than ever, thanks to this very pleasant evening in one of my favorite places.

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