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Philly Craft Beer Festival

Just learned about the Philly Craft Beer Festival yesterday, but Saturday was already a busy day. Then the Mac programming meeting was postponed and my plans for Saturday night were canceled, so suddenly it looks like we're going. It was meant to be.


Does this mean that you are going? If so, please let me know soon.

I'm looking into going. But it doesn't seem to be worth the entry price. 35 bucks a head (if you buy online), and you get to taste beer but food is not included?

Seems sorta steep for some reason. Thoughts?

Colin, We are going to the first session (12-4pm). It is quite spendy, considering how few ounces of beer I will actually drink (I calculate about $20 worth at retail prices). On the other hand, it seems like a great opportunity, since I've only sampled beer from about 10 of those breweries. When I saw the price, I waffled. It's probably not worth it, but I talked myself into it.

Grrr. I was tempted. But the price, plus the drive, plus the fact that I can only go at the 6PM session... makes my decision much easier. I think we'll pass this time. Thanks for blogging about it (otherwise I would have never heard of it). Hopefully I can hook up with you at one of these types of events sometime in the future.

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