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Store Wars

Jim sent me a link today to a very funny Star Wars spoof called Store Wars (requires Flash). Let me just say that I avoid sharing most of the crap that lands in my In box, partly because, well, it's crap, but mostly because, being out of most if not all loops, by the time I hear about something, everyone else has. For this piece, I'm making an exception, not because I agree with the “message” (which I do), but because it's so well done, and just plain funny. So there.

The piece was produced by the Organic Trade Association and Free Range Studios... better yet, just read the press release. They are preaching to the converted in my case, because we do the vast majority of our food shopping at Whole Foods, although we don't always choose organics. Whole Foods almost always offers both organic and “conventional” versions of produce items. Normally the organic version is more expensive (sometimes way more expensive), and sometimes is scrawnier than the conventional. We usually go with the organic, but don't feel too bad buying conventional, because, quite frankly, we trust them.

Store Wars promotes buying organic products wherever they are available, including more and more supermarkets. That, of course, includes Whole Foods, but I learned from a different Jim how we could “use the farm” more directly without apprenticing ourselves to Yoda (oh, sorry, I mean Yogurt). Jim participates in Community Sponsored Agriculture where you sign up to buy a certain amount of produce from a local farm. Check out Local Harvest for a farm near you. We found one only fifteen minutes away.

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