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Nothing Personal

The tomato crop has been coming in so fast that we’ve had to give some of it away. We staked Jim with an assortment of red, yellow, and orange ones, and he was kind enough to give us four ears of fresh, locally-grown corn, all of which we polished off last night.

Tomatoes aren’t the only comestibles Anne is growing in the garden this year. She’s trying seedless watermelons, too. These are challenging to grow (don’t ask me; something about diploid and triploid), but so far we have four thriving babies on the vine. Anne told me she saw something new and strange at Whole Foods yesterday—the “personal” watermelon. Cute, but weird and kind of sad in a way. Between the two of us, we go through a lot of watermelon in a summer, so the personal size just wouldn’t cut it. Besides, one personal costs about as much as an impersonal.

We wondered why watermelons are so huge, so breeding a more wieldy toy variety makes some sense. At the moment, our biggest homegrown watermelon has almost reached the “personal” size (it’s a little bigger than a grapefruit). It will be interesting to see just how big it gets.

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