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The Christmas Post

Probably should try to get a Christmas post up while it’s still Christmas... I hope you had a great holiday; here are a few random notes and pictures from ours.

It didn’t look like we were going to be able to have a traditional celebration with the entire family under one roof at the same time, but things kind of fell into place at the last second by the expedient of moving Christmas up two days to Saturday. We hosted dinner at our place for 9 people and built the menu around a spiral-cut ham from Niman Ranch. To help cast a warm glow over the proceedings, Anne’s sister brought along the “Happy Holiday Hearth” DVD, which features video of a crackling fire as well as classic Christmas music. You could almost feel the heat coming from the iMac.

Yule log on an iMac

A week earlier, I helped decorate our Fraser fir and gave a prominent position to my newest ornament from Flax Art Design, a Rolleiflex twin-lens reflex. (I already have the Leica R8 ornament.) Collecting classic cameras has never been cheaper!

Rolleiflex ornament

I had to work a cat picture in here somewhere, of course. Here’s Julius in mid-yawn. Isn’t he kyoot?

Julius yawning

Christmas eve and Christmas day were spent visiting friends. Here’s the dinner table from tonight’s party while everyone was still in the next room cheering the Eagles on to victory over Dallas. Even though they had an early lead, I doubted they could win. They’ll just never be the same team without Iverson.

Christmas table

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


Love the rolleiflex christmas tree decoration. Its to late for this year but I might keep the tree up a bit longer just to show the rolleiflex tree decoration. Thats if I can get it soon enough.

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