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Speaking of WHYY, one of their regular sponsors is, where you can get such paragons of modernity as the ergonomic and stylish Aeron chair, now available in “True Black” (I’m tellin’ ya, black is the new black). And you can get it, that’s right, for less! Not for cheap, mind you, just for less. Aerons and their ilk aren’t cheap. Fortunately, I am not in lust with the unaffordable Aeron, as my philosophy has changed somewhat over the years. I did own a less-worthy but still nice sculpted chair for years and was satisfied until I gradually realized that the secret of comfort was not being locked into one perfect posture, but rather having the freedom to change positions. One of the most comfortable office chairs I have ever used was a plain affair with a mostly flat seat and back. This design made it easy for me to sit on one leg (which I do until it falls asleep and I have to switch to the other leg).

We’ve been lucky to acquire a couple of nice, plain chairs recently, saved from the trash by friends who didn’t need them (hence

Rescued oak chairs

Neither of these chairs is “ergonomic” in the way the Aeron is, but both are surprisingly comfortable. Both feature solid oak construction, classic retro design, and authentic “distressed” patina. The one on the left is my current office chair. All I need now is a matching oak desk and a battered Underwood and I’ll be a real writer.


I know this is an old blog posting but, two things...
First... Scott (AKA Blankbaby) needs a chair to match an old desk he's using. I'll point him to your post so he sees these cheap chair sites.

Second... Wow, my eyes widened significantly when I saw the rug the two chairs are sitting on. My grandparents had the identical pattern in their 2nd floor office/den! I used to sleep in that room when we visited them, so I am well acquainted with the pattern. Always liked it.

Now, you're at least five decades younger than my grandparents would be, so I'm wondering how and when you got it. It was in my grandparents' house certainly before the '80s...

Wow. Blast from the past.

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