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This Just In: Snow

Better late than never, but let the record show that it snowed over the weekend. While this winter has been warm and relatively snow-free, we got an entire winter's snowfall in one day, about 18 inches.

It couldn't have happened at a better time, although I was too busy working on cutting over to Movable Type to take more than a handful of pictures. Thanks to our neighbor, who for some reason owns a large snowblower and actually seems to enjoy clearing the whole neighborhood, it only took a little over an hour of shoveling to free the cars for Monday's commute. Our street leads to the boro's parking lot, so it is one of the first to be cleared. Fortunately, we had nowhere to go.


My hero.


Hey, I needed one of those heavy-duty snowblowers. Absent that, I had teenage boys, who complained...but shoveled. I helped.

Tony, I'm glad you have comments up. You have some great stuff going and it's fun to say so.



no shoveling for me! ah sweet apartment dwelling.

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