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Philadelphia Flower Show 2004

While the weather has been decidedly brisk this week, I can already feel the symptoms of Spring fever. We went to the Philadelphia Flower Show on Monday, and if the sight of all those blooms doesn’t put you in the mood for Spring, I don’t know what will. I really enjoyed myself this year. This was our first Flower Show since moving into our new house, and we bought some decorations to celebrate—a dried wreath to hang over the bed, and a framed arrangement of dried fern “fiddleheads” from Vermont Botanicals.

Anne forwarded an email to me from Wayside Gardens about a 40% off sale on hostas. At the old house, I had planned on planting a small hosta bed as my first foray into gardening, but never got farther than clearing the bed of sod. In our new yard, the bed is already cleared (no grass grows in the shade of our dogwood), so the hardest work is already finished. All I have to do now is decide what to plant. The trouble is, there are so many kinds! Last night I was surfing the sites of the American Hosta Society, the regional site, and the local club. It was all very inspiring. Seeing little green shoots all over the yard this week was also inspiring. We’ll have a mess of tulips soon.

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