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G5 PowerBooks “Close at Hand”

I read today on MacMinute, which summarized an eWeek article reporting that IBM has promised that a notebook-ready version of the G5 chip is close at hand. So a new PowerBook based on the chip may be only--oh, a year away. It will be introduced at Macworld San Francisco, but won’t actually ship until the end of March. You heard it here first.

I just put my PowerBook back in service. I had thought that the charging circuit was dead, because the battery would no longer charge, but it turned out to be the battery itself. I had to buy a VST battery charger on eBay to find that out. One new battery later and Old Faithful was back in business. In fact, I am writing this on the train using my new (very old) PowerBook.

Now that I am working on two machines, I need a way to keep files synchronized. Rsync seems to be the best way to do that. With help from these two sources, I should be able to put together something.


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