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Moving Day

So, we’ve moved. Whew! I could really use a beer after lugging all those pixels.

When I changed from, uh, the empty void it was (2000 to 2002) to the lively, thriving... well, at least somewhat less empty site it is today, I was always bothered that the domain name didn’t suit the nature of the site. Finally I registered the name I’ve been calling this place for over a year and completed the move yesterday. Since I only changed the domain name, it was easy to redirect any address at to the new domain. Welcome.

The other project that has been keeping me busy was putting up my photos of our trip to Denver last summer. I did it the hard way, of course, with PHP and MySQL, but it was a great learning experience.

By the way, I’ve updated the history of the “early years” here with some amusing looks at earlier incarnations of the site. Someday I’ll look back at this site and laugh, too, but for now it’s home.

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