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Quadra 610 Technical Specifications

I subscribe to Apple’s Support Updates email newsletter because I want the latest, most up-to-the-minute information on new documentation, software updates, etc. And I want it now.

In the newsletter dated March 10, I noticed that a few Knowledge Base documents had been updated. Let’s see... “Troubleshooting a cable modem, DSL, or LAN Internet connection” (good one!), “Using Unicode fonts with AppleWorks for Mac OS X” (I’m sure somebody will care)—Whoa!!! What’s this!? “Macintosh Quadra 610: Technical Specifications.”

I was nonplussed. The Quadra 610, while a very nice machine in its day, was discontinued, what, ten years ago? I checked out the article and was even more surprised to find that it had been created March 15, 2002, eight years after the last Quadra vanished forever from dealers’ shelves and passed into the history books. I was unable to discover why the document had been updated; I’m sure there’s a logical explanation.

I’d be upset about Apple wasting time updating documentation on ancient hardware (they’re not archaeologists), except that Apple has gotten a lot better in general at getting documentation finished and keeping it updated. At least I now know where to get the official (and updated!) specs for the venerable Quadra 610. Should I ever need them. I look forward to reading the updated specs of one of the Macs I actually owned. Ah, the Duo 230. Yeah, now that was a laptop!

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