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The Waffle House Project

I stumbled on this page the other day. It’s a photo diary of Waffle House restaurants "along I-95 between Durham, NC and Stuart, FL." Now, I could say, "Get a life!" or something like that, but, on the contrary, I am delighted to see another photo-obsessive with such impeccable taste in restaurants. Not like that Denny’s Project guy. I can relate to such a project (visiting every Denny’s), just not one devoted to Denny’s. Sheesh.

In 1994, Denny’s was sued by a group of African-Americans who claimed that Denny’s systematically discriminated against black patrons by making them endure long waits for a table. The alleged strategy was designed to encourage them to leave (and never come back, I presume). Not to trivialize the seriousness of the lawsuit, but I’ve gotta say, I must be African-American then! That long wait for a table (and the subsequent long wait for everything else) at one Denny’s store after another is the reason I gave up on the entire chain. Denny’s food was fine, but their service was peerlessly poor, and it was the same at every Denny’s I’ve tried. Nowadays, if I need a Denny’s fix (and there isn’t a Waffle House nearby), I look for a Perkins. They’ve never disappointed.

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