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Light at the End of the (Winter) Tunnel

For someone who thinks he would like to live in Maine someday (where winter is brutal), days like today remind me how much I hate winter. Not that today was wintry—anything but. It was unseasonably warm (around 60) and that’s the trouble. As I walked to the train on the freshly-dampened pavement with a warm breeze gently blowing and a crescent moon in the sky, it felt like spring was just around the corner. The weather today reminded me how much I want winter to be over.

The light at the end of tunnel was the only thing sustaining me. That light was a faint glow in the western sky as I was leaving work. It’s the first day I noticed it. I was thrilled when we turned the corner toward longer days after the solstice last month, but this is the first day that I noticed the change in the sky.

There are also daffodil buds peeping through the ground. It won’t be so long...

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