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Trading Spaces

Apple II desk

The Apple II desk festooned with some essential accessories: a stuffed lobster and “They Might Be Giants” coffee mug. Admit it, you're jealous.

When we moved to a new house two years ago, we agreed that we should consolidate our hitherto separate offices into one room. That has worked out really well; neither of us needs isolation to stay focused, and we can just pipe up whenever we want to share things we find on the Web or help each other with problems. Frankly, I never get tired of her company.

Recently, we decided to move our office to a different room. The new office was a little smaller, and that presented us with some “opportunities” as we decided how best to pack all our stuff into tighter quarters.

The one big change for me is the desk. I've been using an Anthro-Cart for years, which I liked not only for its industrial chic, but also because it was so comfortable to work at. I only use a laptop now, so I don't need such a big desk anymore. Besides, Anne never liked the “industrial chic” aspect of the hulking putty-gray Anthro-Cart.

Since switching rooms involved disassembling the giant Anthro-Cart, we went into a huddle for alternatives. We decided to move the Anthro-Cart to the “ham shack” in the attic (for that far-off day when we actually get ham licenses), and I am now using the desk in the picture.

Sure, that desk looks like some mutant IKEA knockoff, but hey, I made it myself. Although it looks brand-new in the picture, I actually built it almost 20 years ago for a friend with an Apple II. After many years with his trusty Apple, he bought a PC which wouldn't fit on the desk, so he gave it back to me. ::sings:: “Reunited and it feels so gooood. Ooooh.”

Now aren't you glad this isn't a podcast?

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