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Afternoon Delight

I was in Washington last Saturday afternoon with a couple of hours to myself. The weather was glorious. I was wandering aimlessly in the sunshine (all the while replenishing my reserves of vitamin D), when I was drawn to the park at Dupont Circle by the sound of drums. I flopped down on the grass and began listening to this fine drum corps.


Drum corps

The drum corps cooling off between numbers.

Watching them play—not to mention the incredible sound—took me right back to my high school days. It was marching band that got me interested in drumming, since the guys in the drum section seemed to be having all the fun. Our drum line in high school was nothing like this group. They switched from playing hand-clappin' funky stuff to executing complicated almost melodic compositions in rhythm. Whatever they played, it was precise and energetic. A real treat.

So there I was minding my own business when I was tapped on the shoulder and asked to take a group picture. I grit my teeth every time this happens, because I always feel like a total idiot. Nobody ever hands me a camera I can understand; it's always a shiny plastic box with a million buttons on it. Sure, I know a shutter button when I see one, but I was still unable to take a picture with this thing on the first attempt. “Hold the button down longer,” they suggested helpfully. After squeezing the shutter button for a few seconds, the little box was finally satisfied and the picture was taken. Really, it wasn't that bad, but I really am a klutz with a digicam.

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