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Korn Shell version q

I noticed the other day that the Korn Shell (ksh93) had been updated to version q back in December. I was using version p, which I had installed using Fink. I thought I could use Fink again, but wasn't able to. For one thing, ksh93 is only listed in the CVS unstable distribution for 10.2. “Unstable” means it hasn't been tested, but that never fazed me. More importantly, however, the latest version available through Fink has been stuck at 20030621, which is a year and a half old. (That source isn't available anymore, so you couldn't build ksh93 if you wanted to through Fink. I wrote to the maintainer a while ago, but never heard anything.) To get newer versions, I edited the dot info file to point to the current source and in the past this worked well, but this time I couldn't get Fink to recognize there was a newer version.

Bypassing Fink, I found a simple set of instructions that described which packages to download from AT&T and how to compile them. All went smoothly, and I now have version q of ksh93.

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