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Bright Lights, Big City

On my travels over the weekend I managed to take in some of the dazzling new lights in downtown Philadelphia. On the way to pick up a friend at 30th Street Station, I finally glimpsed the new Cira Centre (designed by Cesar Pelli) lit up in all its glory. Although I had seen this building several times at night, this was the first time its animated lighting was working. If you want to see for yourself, check out these great pictures of the building by R. Bradley Maule. (And for more on Maule, see Albert Yee’s interview.) I also noticed a crew shooting a movie on the south commuter train platform. Miraculously, the trains were still running on time. Perhaps the Cira Centre was showing off to get a part in the movie? Even buildings want to be in show business.

I passed from the sublime to the ridiculous when a few minutes later I was assaulted by the apparition of City Hall tastelessly tarted up in colored lights. We were not amused; I like my stonework unpainted, thank you. My retinas still ache. The pain was assuaged by a draft Smithwick’s and dinner at Fergie’s pub. I’m likin’ this place and look forward to the next Philly Weblogger meetup there in a couple of weeks.

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