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Caution: Mellowing Agents at Work

A darn nice and productive weekend, if I say so myself. On Saturday, we blasted through the wall separating the front hall from the dining room. (The wall was added at some point as part of the changes to turn the house into a duplex.) That went very well, although it looks as if we will have to modify the hall closet as well before we’re finished.

Although Saturday’s weather was nice, Sunday was such a beautiful day that we ate outside—twice. In fact, lunch was our first outdoor meal of the season. During the afternoon, I happened to hear a segment of the rerun of A Prairie Home Companion, specifically the recurring bit sponsored by the “Ketchup Advisory Board” in which the benefits of ketchup’s “natural mellowing agents” are dramatized. I was reminded of this at dinner, which was a simple repast of burgers and margaritas. Between the ketchup and the margarita, it occurred to me that I had a double helping of mellowing agents. No wonder I feel so good! *hic*

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