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Moleskine Diaries

Although the Moleskine phenomenon fascinates me, I never actually bought one of their notebooks. I use a beat-up old thing called a Pocket Briefcase that works fine for my purposes and has street cred with the GTD crowd. What the PB lacks is a date-based way of working. Twenty years ago, I used to buy these nice little diaries from Leathersmith of London (I see they’re still around), but the local supply dried up.


Old diaries and Pocket Briefcase

Not quite as old as the Dead Sea Scrolls, but nevertheless ancient diaries, and my current Pocket Briefcase, which looks even older.

I was excited to learn that for 2006, Moleskine has introduced diaries (in both daily and weekly styles). Our local art-supply store carries the full line of Moleskine goodies, but I never saw the diaries offered. Finally I asked about them and was told they are perpetually back-ordered. I added my name to the waiting list...


After a week of nearly-daily posting, next week will be light. This blog is made possible by SEPTA (because I do most of my writing while commuting), but this week I won’t be taking the train at all. I’m trapped in north Jersey for a few days taking a course and later in the week have other engagements that require driving to work. To assuage the loss, I’m thinking of taking myself out to dinner in New York on Tuesday night, maybe even hit Pearl Oyster Bar for a lobster roll. Beats sitting around the hotel room.

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