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QuickTime glitches

I was disappointed that the Macworld Keynote address was not webcast this year. Last year it was, but the quality was so poor, I felt like I didn't really see it. Since it was the most boring keynote I can remember, I never did watch it.

This year was different. Even though there was no news about PowerBooks (the only Apple product I'm interested in at the moment), there were lots of exciting developments from Apple that should make for an interesting year. I just don't think that 2005 will be the year of High Definition—except for the handful of early adopters who can afford $3500 for that HD video camera from Sony.

Over the weekend I tried watching the keynote mainly to check out Kunitake Ando's alleged meltdown. Something was wrong somewhere, because I couldn't get the keynote to stream without dropping out every couple seconds. I switched my connection speed (in 10.2.8, System Preferences:QuickTime) all the way down to “28.8 modem.” At that setting, the keynote was audio-only, but it still wouldn't play. The next day, it was working fine even on the highest setting (Intranet/LAN). At that speed, the picture was fairly large and the video was creamy smooth; it was nice to know that our DSL has no trouble keeping up with the flow.

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