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Sixes and Sevens

Speaking of beer, I read in the Inquirer that’s list of the 100 best craft breweries in the world included 10 local ones. The Sly Fox is one of these, located in Phoenixville. I vetted the place by checking with Phoenixville resident and beer connoisseur Jim who gave it two thumbs up. While we live nowhere near Phoenixville, we will be driving right past it on our way to North Coventry Recycling soon.

We participate in curbside recycling, of course, but our community doesn’t collect everything that is recyclable (only paper, glass, and plastic items coded 1 and 2), so we save up our polystyrene (Styrofoam®™) and threes, fours, fives, sixes and sevens to take there a couple times a year. The place is a madhouse; it always raises my spirits to see such a level of participation, cooperation and enthusiasm for the purely voluntary effort of saving and sorting, um, trash.

It’s a good thing there’s a way to supplement community recycling. Albert reported that Philly’s “recycling numbers have dropped from last year’s total tonnage.” Whatever isn’t recycled goes in a landfill. Sure, it costs more to collect recyclables than trash, but landfill fees aren’t going down and dumping space isn’t infinite.

We’re trying to do our part. This trip, though, it’s as much about the beer as those sixes and sevens. That’s a powerful incentive to recycle. “We’ll take those empties, please.”

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