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“One of a Kind” A Tribute to New Orleans

Harry Shearer's humor isn't everybody's cup of tea (although I heart him), but I think almost anybody would enjoy listening to last week's Le Show, a tribute to New Orleans (thanks to The 14th windiest state for the link). Between classic New Orleans music, Harry describes what New Orleans means to him as he recounts the rich history of Mardi Gras, hearing Randy Newman sing “Louisiana 1927” in the pouring rain, and of course, the food.

Harry tells us that the best sandwich in the world consists of “smoked duck, pepper jelly, cashew butter, on toasted sourdough with some red onions.” Sounds great, although clearly Harry has never had a lobster roll. Still, I'm willing to give that sandwich a chance. Someday, I hope.

It's a rich, warm, and informative tribute. Available as a RealAudio stream or MP3 podcast.

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