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Hello, World!

It’s positively unnerving to visit Philly Future as I so often do and see my name up there in lights, as it were, as the Featured Blogger. In real life, I pretty much shun the spotlight, yet at the same have a web site for all the world to see. Yeah, that’s consistent. I like to think I’m a complicated person of many contradictions, but the reality is I’m a simple person who’s really confused.

You’re probably wondering what it’s like. Well, the roses were very nice, and the statuette is quite impressive—that thing is heavy. Too bad I only get to keep it for two weeks. Seriously, I would like to thank Howard for his tireless efforts producing the Featured Blog poll, Karl for all his work keeping Philly Future so vibrant, and especially thanks to Yoko, who nominated me. To all who voted for my blog, I don’t know what you were thinking, but thanks to you as well.

If you’re new here, you’re probably wondering just who I think I am to have my own website. That’s a good question, and one I ask myself almost every week. If I ever have a good answer, y’all will be the first to know. That’s how this blog thing works. Anyway, what’s here: Other than the blog, the most up-to-date and somewhat worthwhile sections of this site are devoted to photography (newest stuff is in “projects”) and lobster rolls. And even though the Internet is supposedly awash in cat pictures, don’t miss the ones at the top of the home page (as if you could miss the adorable little rascals). Click on the picture to see the next one and hover the mouse to see the cat's name. Please have a look around, and thanks for visiting. If you want me, I’ll be in my trailer.


Now that I have read your lobster roll observations (is that the right word to use?), I'm now obsessed with trying one myself. I'm planning to go to New England and points northwest this fall, so perhaps I'll get my chance then.

That's the first time I ever realized the pictures changed just by clicking. I knew they changed, but here I was hitting F5 all that time!

“Observations” makes my work sound more scholarly; that’s a good thing. Obsessed is a good thing, too. I should know. :-) Please be advised that many places (in Maine at least) close down for the winter in October. I wouldn’t want you to miss having a lobster roll!
Earlier versions of mere cat used a script by Dan Benjamin that only worked on refresh. I wanted it to work by clicking as well, so I rolled my own script.

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