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Hot for Commencement Speaker

Jodie Foster delivered the commencement speech at Penn (my alma mater) on Monday. Kyle Cassidy took a great shot of her and recalled an adolescent crush—surpassed only by his crush on Kristy McNichol. I admit Kristy was my main reason for watching Family, which was otherwise ponderous, but I didn’t have a crush on her (or Jodie Foster for that matter).

I never had a crush on Hillary Clinton either, who was commencement speaker at my graduation. (Ally Sheedy is a different story, but I’m over her.) Funny thing about Hillary’s speech was I didn’t hear a word she said. Down on the field where I was sitting, her voice arrived from widely-separated speakers at slightly different times. It was plenty loud but the overlapping echoes rendered it utterly unintelligible. Maybe no one heard Jodie Foster’s speech either...

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