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A Litany of Woe

December is the cruelest month. What a month it’s been so far. Let’s start with the prosaic annoyances, the petty inconveniences. I dropped my PowerBook (it’s dented, but works fine), I got a flat tire (and the spare was flat, too), and last night we discovered a leak in the water line coming in from the street (nothing a few thousand dollars can’t fix). But all that’s nothing, really.

Tragedy struck two bloggers I read regularly. Amy Wohl lost her husband in early December. Michael’s partner suffered a stroke, although he is recovering. The shocker was the sudden death of Star Foster. I never met Star, but I always enjoyed reading her blog, Sarcasmo’s Corner. There’s an email in my out box with a link to something silly I wanted to share with her that I was about to send. Much more about her life and many accomplishments at Philly Future. I will miss her very much. So much sad news.

Closer to home, my beloved sister-in-law died a week ago after a long fight with cancer. After Thanksgiving she started to decline and was unconscious for most of her final week. Fortunately (if that’s the right word), we were all with her when she passed away. Hundreds came to her memorial service on Monday. She touched so many lives in such a positive way and was an unforgettable person. Later that day, about thirty of us took a long walk down Forbidden Drive along the Wissahickon she loved so much. We were quite a sight, all those people dressed in black.

Posting will resume someday...


Whoa. I had seen stuff online about Star dying but a) I didn't out two and two together to see she was Sarcasmo, who I read every once in a while, and b) that she was only 33.

Also sorry to hear about your sister-in-law. It sounds like she had a nice send-off, and it's good you were all there with her. The fact so many of you took a walk in the area she loved is very touching.

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