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Live from Beaver Stadium!

Greetings sports fans! Live blogging from Beaver Stadium for my first-ever Penn State football game. Let’s go right to the pictures.

. State College sign

We’d like to thank some of our sponsors... Weather brought to you by Ernesto.

Penn State Tailgate

Parking lot. Considering the amount of rain, the field wasn’t all that soggy.

Penn State Tailgate

Tailgating is a big part of the games, and the main (OK, only) reason I’m here. It’s still raining hard, so we’re stuck in the back of the car. Cheers!

Penn State Tailgate

We had shrimp cocktail, Boursin cheese on a baguette, and of course beer.


We’ve finished eating and are listening to the pre-game show on “Rocky 104.9.” Frankly, it's incomprehensible to me, although Anne is helping me decode the language. I just don’t have the sports gene. We’ve finished eating and despite what the announcer admits are “lousy conditions” are heading in to the stadium for a few minutes at least. Wait... Morelli to Butler... Touchdown Penn State!!! Can you feel the excitement?! We are outa here.

UPDATE (next day): We got to the stadium during the first quarter, sat in the rain (which wasn’t that bad actually) and lasted until half-time.

Beaver Stadium, Penn State vs. Akron

The weather didn’t seem to affect attendance much. It may have been raining steadily, but at least it wasn’t cold.

In wandering around looking for our seats, we passed a room labeled “Associated Press Darkroom.” I’m sure it’s still in use, although not for its original purpose, of course.

Walking back to the car

At half-time we walked back to our car, as did a lot of people. I felt like I had the only non-SUV in the parking lot. For once, I wished I had one, because I almost got stuck in the mud.

Final score: Penn State 34, Akron 16.

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