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Star Trek Auction

I learned about the Star Trek auction from Dave Luna a while ago, but the mental note was assigned a low priority and didn’t pop up in my queue until Saturday night. By then it was too late.

No tears here, however. While it was cool that folks would have a chance to own actual stuff from the 23rd century, to me that stuff was mostly meaningless without the actors and the story to bring it to life. More importantly, I didn’t want to see for myself how cheesy it really was. I prefer to imagine that the Enterprise is a real ship and not some conglomeration of plywood, plastic and paint. Most of all, Star Trek simply wasn’t one of my favorite shows. As a big science-fiction fan, I watched most of the episodes of The Original Series, but it never captured my imagination the way Outer Limits did. Now that would be an auction. I wouldn’t mind having one of those bugs from “The Zanti Misfits” sitting on my desk.

Still, I’m sorry I missed the auction. Anybody get anything?

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