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Kick Ball, Get Check

Can't say I've been afflicted with World Cup fever. A mild headache and some chafing, but no fever. That’s not to say I don’t like soccer. I was first exposed to the game in high school, which only had a soccer team, no football. I admit I was fascinated by the magical ball-handling skills of the players. Not enough to try playing myself or even watch a game, but fascinated nevertheless.

I am reminded of a scene in Annie Hall when Alvy (Woody Allen) and Robin (Janet Margolin) are at a party chockablock with intellectuals, and a bored Alvy sneaks off to watch the Knicks on TV. Robin confronts him and demands, “What is so fascinating about a bunch of pituitary cases trying to stuff a ball through a hoop?” Alvy answers, “What is fascinating is that it's physical.” I have to agree, and sports don't get much more exciting than soccer. I almost got caught up in it, but I just don’t have that sports gene. Good luck today, USA.

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