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Best Wishes to Dan Rubin

Best wishes to Dan Rubin, now-erstwhile alpha blogger at the Philadelphia Inquirer, who will be writing a column in the paper. But it will have hyperlinks! Well, maybe not, but if anyone can do it, Dan can.

I'll never forget Dan coming to our Philly Blogger meetup two years ago, ostensibly to learn about blogging firsthand from a subset of the local blogging community—the subset who likes to socialize and drink beer. Sure, he had never blogged, but it was kind of like Michael Jordan visiting the local playground to get shooting tips. As Mark wrote in his tribute to Dan’s skill, “It was like he was a professional writer or something.” I enjoyed meeting Dan and was impressed by his sincerity and earnestness. I only wish I had made note of what he was drinking... so I could try some. Breakfast of Champions and all that.

I assume this move wasn’t entirely Dan’s idea, and I was surprised since it seemed that Blinq was wildly successful. At least it was wildly successful with me. After years of being aggressively telemarketed by the Inquirer (who in the age of the Do Not Call list, are about the only sales calls we get), I may have to start reading the paper. Best of luck, Dan! I’ll miss you in cyberspace.


I said the same thing - maybe this was part of their bigger plan to get us to read the print version again? ;)

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