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Fear of the Unknown

Thanks to the Do Not Call Registry, we get no telemarketing calls. Well, almost none; we were getting a few from number “Unknown.” They were easy to ignore, but really, who are these weasels who not only flout the Do Not Call list but also block their number? Anne finally answered one, and it turned out to be WHYY (the local NPR affiliate). That explains why they called us. Since we are already on the hook to them for $10 a month, they have a “previous business relationship" with us, which entitles them to harass us telephonically for even more money. Admittedly, I do listen to WHYY more than any other station...

Which reminds me. When I was a kid, I couldn’t imagine anyone preferring to listen to talk instead of music. Well, make way for blah, blah, blah; it has come to pass.


I hate getting those blocked calls. We re-registered for Do Not Call, but still seem to get a ton from the PA Law Enforcement somethingorother. Now I's because Sheryl gave them money in the past. Ugh. Go away, blocked phone numbers.

We used to get calls from the “Police Chiefs,” maybe the same outfit.

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