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Not Quitting My Day Job Just Yet

Just got an email from Google about changes to their AdSense program, which only served to remind me to yank my AdSense ads. About a year ago, I signed up for Google AdSense and put ads on my five most popular pages (the lobster roll pages). I figured what the heck, it was worth a try. The results have been so pathetic, however, that I took them down. After 14,000 page impressions, those pages have only generated about $25. At the current rate, it would take another 3 years to get a check from Google (they won’t cut a check for less than $100). Naturally I am crushed to learn that I won’t be able to quit my day job just yet, but on the other hand it’s a relief that my life’s work is no longer sullied by commercial considerations. Besides, Google was basically getting those page impressions and click-throughs for free. I wonder how many other low-traffic sites there are displaying AdSense ads who will never see a nickel from Google.


$25? That's more than I expected when I (briefly) sampled AdSense. Never mind that you can't actually collect $25 - the fact that you made that much in theory is impressive enough ;)

Glad to hear I was doing well after all (I didn't have anyone to compare to). In that case, I think my relative "success" was due to the nature of those pages being devoted to one subject, so the ads served were very relevant to people reading the pages.

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