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That’s MISTER Microphone to You

Remember Mr. Microphone? It was (is?) a microphone with a transmitter that allowed you to broadcast your voice to a nearby FM radio. Truly, with this innovation, life was perfect. I hadn’t thought of it since I saw the ad on TV in the late Seventies, but it popped into my head the other day. I vividly remember one scene in the ad where some guys cruising in a convertible slow down to schedule a date using Mr. Microphone: “We’ll be back to pick you up later!” I’m sure the ladies were swept off their feet.

Since rediscovering it, Mr. Microphone has proven to be so handy to have around the house. To the dishes in the sink, I wink and say, “I'll be back to wash you later!” To the laundry: “I’ll be back to fold you later!” You get the idea. The possibilities are limitless.

Of course, the ad is available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.


Tony, I *had* a Mr. Microphone. I used to practice saying, "Hey good lookin', be back to pick you up later." I think the ads I saw said the "good lookin'" part. My brothers and sisters and I used to use that bad boy all the time. It was nuts...and so 70s...I feel like getting one of my quiana shirts out of the closet, putting on a pair of platform shoes, and firing up Mr. Microphone. Too, too funny. Thanks for making my day with this one!

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