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Blogger Meetup Recap

A couple of meetups I attend are on life support, including the Philly Blogger meetup, several of which at the end of 2007 had attendance of exactly one person. No problem, as worst case I still get a delicious sandwich, the chance to check out some new beers, and strange looks from the wait staff. Still, it is nice to actually, you know, “meet up” with people at these meetups. I didn't have high hopes for today’s meetup, but this one came roaring back from its near-death experience (probably thanks to organizer Scott McNulty’s deft skill with the defibrillator paddles). Fifteen people showed up! South Philadelphia Tap Room really worked out for the meetup, at least from my perspective. I loved the beer selection (all the beers on tap were new to me), and my sandwich was great. I had a wonderful time catching up with everyone, some of whom I hadn’t seen in a long time.

I gotta give SEPTA some credit for a super-smooth trip. I took the train to Suburban and jumped on the Broad Street subway. I only had to wait two minutes for the subway (they run about every ten minutes), and my total travel time was only 45 minutes. There’s no way I could have driven there that fast, and parking in South Philly is challenging. I was also impressed by the quality of musicians playing in Suburban, including a young cellist burning up a Bach suite, a fine violist, and a guitarist. Shades of Joshua Bell. Please consider joining us for the next meetup on February 16 at 3:00 pm. It’s a fun and welcoming group (registration with is not required).


a fantastic turnout indeed. i wish i got there earlier, but my bus ride wasn't so hot. i waited for the C bus at broad/pine for over half an hour. such is life. i had a great time once i was there. great to finally make it out to a meetup again.

I'll be at another one in the future - just tough to get there each time. Looking forward to it though.

@Colin, I know it’s a loooong ride for you, but I am looking forward to seeing you!
@Albert I am all about the subway now; there’s one about every ten minutes.

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