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Best of 2007 in Black & White

Last year, Jim Shulman of the Leica User Group volunteered to compile a yearbook of photos by the members (printed by I didn’t know about it (I’m not on the LUG mailing list), but this year Jim got in touch with me and invited me to participate (as an honorary member, I suppose). The yearbook deadline gave me the motivation to finish developing my unprocessed film, and I spent some time yesterday reviewing the year’s meager output. I started with an initial edit of 11 photos, my “Best of 2007 in black & white,” and finally chose two. I put the set up on Flickr. All were taken with an M4 on Ilford FP4 with either a Summicron 50mm or Zeiss Biogon 35mm. Last I heard, 98 photographers had submitted photos. That’s a lot of Leicas.

UPDATE: 112 photographers participated, and the book is on its way.

St. Patrick's Day, Jim Thorpe

St. Patrick’s Day, Jim Thorpe, PA (March 11).

Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC

Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC (April 18)

It’s fitting that my “year end” post is about photography. I wish everyone a safe and happy New Year.



I shot all of 2 rolls of film in 2007. I barely squeezed in the last few frames into 2007 on NYE. I have a sinking feeling the film didn't advance properly though so the second roll may be blank.

Albert, I hate when that happens. I lost half my pictures at Laurel Hill because I misthreaded the film on one of my bodies. Now I always make sure the rewind knob is turning. Hope it didn't happen to you!

Beautiful Tony

I looked at the Flickr site as well. I would have had a hard time choosing from the eleven; they are great.

Robin, thanks, you are very kind. The St. Patrick's Day photo was my clear first choice, but it was difficult picking the second one.

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