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Best of 2008 in Black and White

Last year, I went through my photos to choose two for the Leica User Group Yearbook (and put a few others up on Flickr). This year was different. I missed the deadline for the yearbook, and it’s just as well. 2008 was a terrible year for my photography. I didn’t shoot much and still have half a dozen rolls languishing, undeveloped. From the ones I did develop, I chose two for the yearbook, before I realized I had missed the deadline. These were both taken on St. Patrick’s day in Jim Thorpe, PA.

St. Patrick's Day, Jim Thorpe, PA St. Patrick's Day, Jim Thorpe, PA


I have many fond memories shooting black and white photos with my Nikon F2 and being in Drexel darkroom for hours developing the prints after a big show. I still have the FM2 but it now gets little to no use anymore. Sad!

Don't feel bad - I still have an undeveloped roll of 120 film from a Holga phase from about 15 years ago. I have a feeling that roll is no good now.

Those are both fine pictures, in particular the top one. I love photos where everyone has a cup of "cheer."

@iConJohn An FM2 was my first serious SLR; mine is in terrible shape, but I love it.
@Mrs. Harridan There's lots of cheer in Jim Thorpe on St. Patrick's Day. :-) If I ever go medium format (as I often threaten to), I would be happy to soup that roll for you. I would bet there is something on it.

Hey Tony! I passed the permalink along to Chris - he's the guy in the top shot. Great stuff! Hope you're doing well!

I am doing well, just not taking a lot of pictures. :-) Hope Chris likes the shot, and thanks!

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