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Two Retrospectives

Sal DiMarco

Sal DiMarco caught in mid-story at a party in November, 2003. Taken with a Leica, of course.

This week brought news of two retrospectives by photographic artists who died way before their time.

Around Philadelphia at least, Sal DiMarco needs no introduction; he was a renowned photojournalist. I was fortunate to meet Sal a few times at gatherings because of our shared interest in Leica cameras. He was an engaging story-teller, and he had so many stories to tell! It was a shock to all when he died suddenly in 2004.

His negatives have been presented to Temple University, and I learned over the weekend of an online exhibition of his work there.

Like Sal, photographer Steve LeHuray also died suddenly (in 2003). I never had the pleasure of meeting Steve, although I wish I had, as he was also devoted to Leicas. Steve posted fine work on his web site every week like clockwork, then bam, he was gone. After his passing, his site remained online for a while, but at some point went dark. Thanks to the intercession of Alan Hayes, the site came back online last week providing us with a “retrospective” edited by the artist himself.

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